Aristotle Dante McDaniel

Aristotle Dante McDaniel

Brief info

Aristotle Dante McDaniel's family has deep roots in the Coachella Valley, specifically in Palm Springs and Indio, spanning over a century. His parents, enthusiasts of literature, held a profound admiration for the classics, particularly embracing Aristotle and Dante as their favored authors.

Embedded within his lineage is the tradition of building and operating successful enterprises, a skill honed over generations. This legacy is a driving force for him as he endeavors daily to uphold and perpetuate it. Guided by his grandfather Jim McDaniel's teachings, Aristotle abides by the principle that an individual's essence comprises three fundamental pillars: their name, their handshake, and their word. He staunchly believes that anyone who breaches any of these three values should reconsider their involvement in the business arena.

Aristotle's personal journey encompasses a 13-year tenure in the U.S. Army, an experience that ingrained in him rigorous discipline and a deep appreciation for goal-setting and consistent accomplishment. His professional trajectory spans more than 35 years, with a quarter-century dedicated to the Coachella Valley. Throughout, he has been deeply engaged in sales, working across diverse companies and actively participating in multiple Chambers of Commerce within the region.

Notably, during his time at Office Depot, Aristotle played an instrumental role in securing the prestigious Business of the Year award multiple times from the Coachella Valley's Greater Chamber of Commerce. Beyond his career commitments, he finds solace in playing golf and continually seeks innovative avenues to connect with the burgeoning commercial ecosystem of the Valley.

Adding to his accomplished profile are his degrees in Social and Behavioral Studies, Administration and
Information Systems, as well as Business and Marketing. These academic pursuits serve as a testament
to his dedication to a comprehensive understanding of various disciplines, which synergize with his practical experiences to further enhance his professional journey.