Our Story

Grandparents Love is a nonprofit 501(c)3 created to support and assist grandparents who are raising their grandkids. Grandparents aren’t doing this because they have to, they do it because they love them and are devoted to the next generation. The mission of GPL is to provide the basic resources and support that custodial grandparents so desperately need when taking on the responsibility of bringing up their grandchildren.

Grandparents’ love is in memory of my grandparents Jim and Marie McDaniel. The love Papa Jim had for all his grandkids was unconditional and genuine. One of my fondest memories with my grandfather was spending Wednesday mornings at Denny’s in Indio for breakfast.  During his final years, this was a cherished treat for me. I just wish I would have done it sooner. For my grandmother, it was the smell of pancakes in the morning and believe it or not, Palmalove Dish soap when she did the dishes. I keep a bottle of it and smell it when I want to think of happier times.What is your “Trigger” to fond memories of your grandparents? Please tell us, we would love to know.

Papa Jim was born in Texas, and moved his family to Indio, CA in 1948. He did many things in the Valley but was most remembered as a caring on-campus supervisor at Indio High School from 1970-1981. Always with a warm smile and huge heart, Papa Jim would encourage the students, in a grandfather type of way, to get to class and do the best they could do and stay out of trouble. The folks I have met who knew my grandfather all tell me stories of how he kept them out of trouble and in school.

Marie McDaniel, Gramma, was the most loving person I have ever known. I never heard a harsh word come from her mouth, she was always smiling and making sure everyone else was taken care of. I remember waking up to the smell of pancakes and bacon and being greeted with a “Good morning Dante”, (my middle name); it made me feel so special. Sitting at the table and making those pancakes swim in syrup are some of my best childhood memories. Active in their church and having a display booth at the Date Festival, my grandparents, in my mind, were the best a kid could ever hope for.

After Gramma Marie passed, Papa Jim was thrust back into being a primary caregiver for his daughters’ kids, due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control. Watching Papa Jim raise my cousins had me feeling a certain way. Not understanding why he was raising someone else’s kids and struggling to make ends meet didn’t make sense to me… Until I became a grandfather myself, I then was able to see the love he had. He didn’t do it because he had to; he did it because he loves ALL of his grandchildren. We will never know all the sacrifices he made.

That’s why I started GPL. For the other Papa Jim’s and Gramma Marias out there. To support and assist grandparents who go above and beyond for their grandkids. Who love them more than life itself but just need an occasional helping hand and knowing that  there are people who care.  

Raising kids all over again is a huge undertaking for anyone, especially when you’re older and not in the best of health. My cousins were fortunate to have loving grandparents who provide a warm and loving home.

Awards and Recognitions

JaMMA Award

Jim and Marie McDaniel

Grandparents that receive assistance are nominated by either a family member or a close personal friend who is witnessing their struggles.

The Jim and Marie McDaniel Award “JaMMA Award”

This award is bestowed on the grandparent(s) that have gone above and beyond for their Grandkids, showing unconditional love and support regardless of their own situation. Grandparents that willingly sacrifice their health and remaining years to care for those in need. Putting their lives on hold to raise children for a second time. This award is for those whose hearts are as large as the World and as warm as the desert in August, who no longer put themselves first, but others. This JaMMA Award is meant to be just as special and important as the Grandparent(s) that are honored to receive it.

Learn more about how you can support this award here.

Orisco Sterling Chaisson “Motherdear” Education Assistance Award


This award is for high school students whose grandparents have been nominated for the JaMMA award. This education assistance award is $5000.The student will need to meet certain criteria to receive this award. The cash award would be put into an interest bearing account and accessed AFTER their second year of college is completed. The principal funds ($5000.00) would be used to further their education at University. The interest would be the student’s to do with what they wish. It would also be available if the student decides to attend a two year certification trade school to study something like HVAC or plumbing. After completion of the program along with their certificate, the student would receive the principal funds to purchase tools for their trade or advanced training. Both of these awards are given annually at our Yearly Gala.


To assist those who give their hearts unconditionally for those they love.